Each of our series of steel wheels comes in a range of performance specifications, sizes and colors to meet the various requirements of our customers. We believe our products are well recognized for safety, strength and durability by our customers, especially under extreme road conditions. According to tests conducted by the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Test Center (Xiangfan) and the Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality, a PRC provincial testing institute, our products exceed industry standards in all major technical aspects, including safety, durability and stability.

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Tubed Wheels

Tubed steel wheels and traditional tires are generally stronger than tubeless steel wheels and tubeless tires, and are generally used on unpaved roadways such as rural areas, construction sites and mines under low driving speed. They are also generally used by commercial vehicles carrying heavy loads on paved roadways, such as highways and city streets. Traditional tires have been or are currently being gradually replaced by tubeless tires in most markets in the world. We currently offer more than 277 series of tubed steel wheels with sizes ranging from 15 to 24 inches in diameter and 4.5 to 14 inches in width.

Tubeless Wheels

Tubeless steel wheels are typically used with tubeless tires. Tubeless tires are more advanced than traditional tires (which have a tube to seal the air inside) primarily in terms of safety (as the air is released slowly when the tire is punctured leading to a gentle deflation of the tire), weight and fuel efficiency. Tubeless steel wheels and tubeless tires are well suited for higher speed driving, and are generally used on paved roadways such as highways and city streets. We have developed a type of tubeless steel wheel using a patented production technique for the design of the wheel disc, and its improved strength and reduced weight exceeds the industry standard in terms of durability by approximately three times, according to a test conducted by the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Test Center (Xiangfan). We currently offer more than 217 series of tubeless steel wheels with sizes ranging from 8 to 26 inches in diameter and 3 to 20 inches in width.

Construction Machinery Wheel Series

Off-road steel wheels for off-road vehicles are typically designed for short-distance loading and off-loading purposes at locations such as construction sites and mines. Off-road steel wheels can be tubed or tubeless, typically with larger sizes and stronger or thicker materials compared to our other steel wheels. Off-road steel wheels require more raw materials and are generally produced in relatively small batches due to the specialized nature of such wheels. A majority of our off-road steel wheels are tubed. We currently offer more than 121 series of off-road steel wheels with sizes ranging from 15 to 51 inches in diameter and 6.5 to 28 inches in width.


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